About Us

Our Story 

Little Buba is an exciting new babywear brand based in London. We create ‘babywear with attitude’, combining the best of contemporary design with the vibrancy, spirit and colour of African textiles and fabrics.

At Little Buba our goal is to create bold, beautiful and unique designs which parents love to dress their babies in and babies are free to express themselves in. We avoid the traditional 'blues' and 'pinks' and instead opt for bright colours and patterns which little boys and girls alike can wear! Our designs are a celebration of the playfulness of childhood and the joy of parenthood; they are for little ones and their big ones who ‘fill life with colour’.

Our products are made in Africa with love, care and a friendly smile and we always pay attention to the detail and quality of every design.


Who we are 

Ketiwe Anjorin started Little Buba in 2017 as a creative outlet during her maternity leave. Being of mixed Zimbabwean and English heritage and with strong family ties to both Ghana and Nigeria, she has always admired the beauty and vibrancy of African textiles and prints. However, the idea of using these traditional fabrics to create a modern babywear range only came about after having her son. She currently combines her part-time role at leading social mobility charity, with looking after her little boy and running her business from home. 


Our Name

The name 'Little Buba' is a slight play on words. I have a lot of pet names for my son and 'buba' is one of them. It's an affectionate and playful expression which nicely captures what the brand stands for. However, 'buba' (pronounced ‘boo-bah’) also means blouse in Yoruba (a widely spoken Nigerian language) and is often associated with one of the most essential parts of a Yoruba woman’s traditional attire. Across Nigeria you see women of all types wearing these beautiful colourful tops, whether it be in the home, marketplace or a wedding! So, the name ‘Little Buba’ also pays homage to where the clothes are made in Africa and celebrates mothers as we know and love them!